Being Present - The Practice of Mindfulness - 4 Day Mindfulness Retreat...

Being Present - The Practice of Mindfulness - 4 Day Mindfulness Retreat...

14 Nov 18:00 - 18 Nov 13:00 - Peria
Tushita Mystery School

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Mindfulness practice is the process of recognizing and responding to the wonder and gift of life itself, before our mind gets lost in opinions, judgements and doubt.

It is a natural unfolding of present moment awareness and feeling, and is developed through sustaining a relaxed and open sense of self-acceptance. Mindfulness promotes health, wellbeing and a deeper appreciation of our own true nature.

This silent retreat will consist of group sessions along with free time for retreatants to move with their own rhythm. Daily sessions include instruction in the practice of mindfulness, sitting and walking mindfulness meditations and an enquiry period. This retreat is suitable for people who are new to the practice as well as those with previous experience of mindfulness.

The venue for the retreat is the beautiful Tushita Hermitage in Peria Valley, Doubtless Bay, Northland. Set amongst the sub-tropical Northland vegetation, the Tushita Hermitage provides a unique and safe sanctuary with plenty of space, shared communal areas and also places where you can spend time alone, should you wish.

Accommodation and Meals
On-site accommodation and meals are provided for you. Accommodation is in shared rooms. Some single rooms are available on application, for an extra $20/night. There are modern and clean showers and toilets.

Who is it Suitable For?
This retreat is suitable for:

Absolute beginners with no mindfulness experience
Experienced mindfulness practitioners and meditators
Those currently teaching or wanting to teach mindfulness
Anyone wanting to deepen their experience of life

This retreat is $430 plus dana/koha for Nyanaviro. The $430 covers all your meals, accommodation and venue facilities. Nyanaviro’s fee is not set and consists entirely of your Dana offering. Dana (meaning generosity) invites each person to offer according to their means and what the retreat has been worth to them. Dana payment is given at the end of the retreat. This can be in cash, cheque or by internet banking – an account number will be provided. (Please note: there is no Eftpos at Tushita Ashram)

Retreat Facilitator – Nyanaviro (Stephen Archer)
Nyanaviro is a mindfulness educator. He is passionate about creating contexts where people can explore mindfulness and discover how it can assist them to realise sustainable wellbeing and generate new and transformative perspectives. Nyanaviro has been involved with mindfulness for over 35 years.

Since 2006 he has been studying with Yanchiji at Tushita Hermitage, Northland. He originally began practicing mindfulness meditation while completing a degree in Eastern religions and then trained for 13 years as an ordained Buddhist monk in the Thai forest tradition.

Nyanaviro facilitates mindful leadership and workplace programmes, and offers residential retreats and professional supervision for other trainers and practitioners.
He is Director of Mindfulness Training and an associate of Mindfulness Works

“The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand strongly endorses mindfulness as a useful way to improve positive mental health and resilience. We recommend Stephen Archer (Mindfulness Training) as an experienced mindfulness practitioner.” – Hugh Norriss, Director of Policy & Development, Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

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