Methven Waste Free Parenting Workshop - With Kate Meads

Methven Waste Free Parenting Workshop - With Kate Meads

14 Nov 18:30 - 21:00 - Methven
Mt Hutt Memorial Hall & Heritage Centre


Waste Free Parenting Workshop - Methven

This is a humorous, entertaining and inspirational event full of tips and ideas around ways you can minimise waste in your home especially with young children in the house. You get a free pack bursting with waste minimisation products with each ticket.

Ticket info:
Individual Ticket - Admits 1, receive 1 Free Goodie bag valued at $100
Couple's Ticket - Admits 2, receive 1 Free Goodie bag valued at $100

There are limited spaces and free packs available at each event.

Important Information:

You do not need to print off your tickets, we have the ability to scan your ticket off of your smartphone/device as you arrive at the workshop.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop starts.

Bringing your baby to a daytime workshop is fine, but please be mindful that if they get upset you may need to pop out and settle them. It is preferable not to bring babies older than 6 months to an evening workshop as it is too late and distracting for other attendees.

Here are a few comments from recent attendees:

“Went to Kate's 'Waste Free Parenting' workshop last night and it was amazing. Thoroughly informative and surprisingly enjoyable! Kate doesn't make you feel bad about what you currently do and you don't walk away feeling like you are terrible person, she merely gives you the tools and information to make different choices if you choose to. I had no idea there were so many products out there designed to help us reduce waste. I will definitely be doing my part.” – Emma.

“I went to one of Kate's workshops last week, totally changed my view on the way I consume. Very funny and REALISTIC! Not forceful with her ideas but enthusiastic about educating people on waste. I never thought I'd be one of those parents to use cloth nappies but she convinced me. Would definitely recommend attending one of her workshops. Also cloth nappies are much easier than you may think and so much better for the environment that we bring our little ones into.”- Codie

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