SPW Southern Rumble 2018

SPW Southern Rumble 2018

14 Jul 18:00 - 22:00 - Invercargill
ILT Stadium Southland


SPW Southern Rumble – ‘History in the making’

New Zealand has a rich history of Professional Wrestling. On The Mat. Steve Rickard. The Bushwhackers.
But the year is 2018, we are SPW, and we are making our own history.

We have been creating a buzz, and that buzz is about to become a big bang when we come to the ILT Stadium Southland for the first time ever on Saturday 14th July!

Come and witness ‘Wrestling on the Edge of the World’ as we bring to you hard hitting, fast paced, strong style Pro Wrestling that is taking the world by storm!

We will be announcing huge international stars that cannot wait to come and see what the fuss is all about, as well as our own homegrown stars that are making all the noise.

The SPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship and the SPW New Zealand Tag Team Championships will be on the line, as well as a 20 Man over the top Southern Rumble where ‘there can only be one’ winner, earning themselves a guaranteed shot at the SPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship.

Champions will be crowned, new stars will emerge, and history will be made.

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