Breakmission 2018

Breakmission 2018

14 Jul 13:30 - Christchurch
Eastside C3 Church


Breakmission-1on1 bboy battles 2on2 allstyle battle

Amy rose-allstyles
Bboy Indo-creative art of bboying
Bboy grub d teach young guns bboying

MC-manny-wins and Ird-69p crew

Dj Stretchmark-uknights-69p

JUDGE all style

Rach Jason-swarm
Amy rose-supreamkidz
Yak-bathroom soap crew

Indo-commonground crew-69p
Grub d-commonground crew-69p

Entry fee-FOOD and CLOTHING donations
Hiphop giving back to the community

Thanks to @justroc and the crew for letting us put this on every year

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